Steem MULti Tags Search(a.k.a smults)

This web application aims to improve the search quality of Up to 5 tags can be searched using the search bar. Head over to the about tab for more info.

Intro video

Why smults? allows searches by using only ONE tag, while searches by single user's name, this is inconvenient for those who need to look for more specific posts. Smults is here to address this issue!

Can I add custom tags in the search bar?

Sure! Just start typing and press 'Enter' to include the tag(s) when you are done!

Can I search by ‘Author’?

Of course! Just switch the ‘Filter tags by..’ filter to ‘Author’, an input box will appear to the right where you can start typing and look for your favorite author! (Much like's search bar)

You can also further filter his or her posts down by searching with tags!

Why '15' trending tags to start with? Why not '18' or '23'?

Well.. That's just my personal preference ;). You can add more custom search tags by youself!

What is this 'Mark first tag as category' checkbox thing?

When you mark it and search, the return results will have their categories as the first tag you are searching for. Isn't that just convenient? ;)

I spotted a nasty error/bug.. Where can I report it?

Head over to this project's github page and log an issue.

I have a great idea for your application! I want to contribute!

Great! Let me know at @alvinvoo, comment on my post which announces this project, hit me up in discord (alvinvoo#3009) or you can visit this project's github page and log a ‘Feature request’ under the issue page.

Is this free?

Of course! I will let you know when it's not. ;)

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